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Map subject to change without notice
Depending on market supply

Pumpkin cream with chestnuts, goat ravioli  18 €
(Vegetable dish)
ornement inter plat
Snails with garlic and tomatoes scents,
crispbread with fresh herbs  29 €

Salmon cannelloni, dill muslin and citrus mirror  25 €
ornement inter plat
Duck liver marbled with dried fruit chutney, quince jelly  30 €
 ornement inter plat
Meat pie home made way of “Alexandre Dumaine”,
 artichoke salad with pine nuts  28 €
ornement inter plat
The eggs with white wine and Brillat Savarin local cheese,
bacon and mushrooms cream  19 €

Sole sprinkled with bread-crumbs and grated cheese with buckwheat
leeks fondue and preserved tomatoes, Crémant of Burgundy sauce  39 €
ornement inter plat
Snacked scallops, pumpkin coulis, mushrooms cream  38 €
ornement inter plat
Shrimps and Brussels sprouts risotto,
parmesan shavings with truffle oil  35 €
ornement inter plat
Sea bream fillet, caramelized chicories,
white wine gravy  36 €
ornement inter plat
Plate of market vegetables  22 € 
(Vegetable dish)

Meats and poultry
Fillet of Charolais beef, bacon potatoes, red wine sauce  39 €
ornement inter plat
Fillet of can, vegetables cannelloni, Selim pepper sauce  36 €

Chicken supreme roasted, peas and grilled asparagus,
mustard cream  35 €
ornement inter plat
Cushion of veal,
vegetables with lemon grass scents and cooking gravy  36 €

Selection of fresh and matured cheeses of our regions   14 €

Fresh tart with two lemons ans its puffed sugar  18 €
ornement inter plat
Paris-Brest with vanilla and tonka bean ice-cream  16 €

Vacherin in different textures with flavours of vanilla,
tonka bean and red fruits  16 €
ornement inter plat
Orange and Grand-Marnier soufflé, chocolate ice-cream  15 €ornement inter plat

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