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Shellfish risotto and chicken wings,
preserved tomatoes with parmesan shavings  24 €
ornement inter plat
Home made smoked salmon, anis de Flavigny cream 20 €
ornement inter plat
Snails of our region, leek fondue,
white wine sauce and small chanterelles with herbs  22 €
ornement inter plat
Duck liver cooked in the natural way, the other with gingerbread,
apple with chestnut honey  29 €
 ornement inter plat
Eggs in white wine sauce, bacon and onion bread  18 €

Light crustaceans cream fennel flavoured, ravioli of scampi and mushrooms  22 €

Sea bream, mashed broccoli with hazelnut butter, white wine sauce  32 €
ornement inter plat
John-Dory, caper sauce, eggplant caviar, crushed tomatoes  36 €
ornement inter plat
Sea bass pan fried with salt of Himalaya,
scents of the country of Nice, peppers cream  32 €
ornement inter plat
Scallop prepared with lime and vanilla, mashed pumpkin  34 €

Meats and poultry
Beef bourguignon  24 €

Supreme of roasted chicken with rosemary, fricassee of fever and chorizo,
straws of potatoes, pea coulis  28 €
ornement inter plat
Charolais beef fillet, pepper sauce, mashed potatoes  36 €
ornement inter plat
Roasted poultry, gratin of macaroni with Comté cheese, cooking gravy  33 €
ornement inter plat
Cheek of pork autumn vegetables simmered with thyme  30 €

Selection of fresh and matured cheeses of our regions   14 €

Hot Matcha tea soufflé, vanilla ice-cream (to order at the beginning of the meal)  15 €
ornement inter plat
Granny Smith apple with a smoothy meringue, basil sorbet  14 €
ornement inter plat
Tasting around chocolates Grands Crus  16 €
ornement inter plat
Pistachio square, a fresh of grapefruit and rose  14 €
ornement inter plat
Roasted fruits with sweet spices, citrus fruits sorbet  14 €
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