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Depending on market supply

Home made smoked salmon, anis de Flavigny cream,
smoked fish rillettes  22 €
ornement inter plat
Ravioles of scampis with mushrooms,
cream of shellfish fennel flavoured  29 €
ornement inter plat
Snails of our region, leek thyme fondue, parsley cream  24 €
ornement inter plat
Duck liver cooked in the natural way, the other with gingerbread,
apple with flower honey  29 €
 ornement inter plat
Eggs in two ways :
in a red wine sauce and in a white wine sauce, bacon and onions bread  19 €

Marbled ham, Burgundy truffle dressing sauce, carrots with caraway  22 €

Turbot cooked in natural way in a crust of herbs,
Crémant de Bourgogne sauce, melted potatoes  38 €
ornement inter plat
Sea bream pan fried with winter vegetables, butternut cream  36 €
ornement inter plat
Cod cooked “meunière”, mashed celery truffle flavoured, acidulated sauce  32 €
ornement inter plat
Scallop prepared with orange, spinach cream garlic flavoured  36 €

Meats and poultry
Rack of lamb cooked at low temperature, artichoke and its aromatic plants  32 €

Charolais beef fillet, wine sauce, preserved shallot, mashed potatoes  38 €
ornement inter plat
Chicken supreme roasted, bacon cabbage, duck liver sauce  34 €
ornement inter plat
Cheek of pork, vegetables simmered with thyme  30 €

Selection of fresh and matured cheeses of our regions   14 €

Exotic fruits dessert, almond crumble and coconut sorbet  16 €
ornement inter plat
« Forêt noire » dessert our way  18 €
ornement inter plat
Soufflé à l’absinthe, sorbet menthe  18 €
ornement inter plat
   Pistachio square, a fresh of grapefruit and rose  16 €
ornement inter plat
Roasted fruits with sweet spices, citrus fruits sorbet  14 €
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