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Heart of salad, prawns, smoked steaklet of duck, mango slices,
passion vinaigrette 24 €
ornement inter plat
Sea bass carpaccio, lemon grass oil, peach  21 €
ornement inter plat
Snails fricassee flamed with Ratafia, Brillat Savarin cheese sauce  20 €
ornement inter plat
Duck liver terrine, melon tartar  26 €ornement inter plat
 ornement inter plat
Eggs in white wine sauce  16 €

Burgundy marbled ham, spices mustard sauce  16 €

Sea bream fillet pan fried, artichoke and fennel with conserved lemon,
coriander oil  30 €

ornement inter plat
Salmon “Label Rouge” preserved with olive oil, curry vegetables  26 €
ornement inter plat
Sword-fish snacked, confit of onions and oyster mushrooms, yellow zucchini, tomato juice  30 €

Meats and poultry
Supreme of grilled chicken, fricassee of fever and chorizo,
straws of potatoes, pea coulis  28 €
ornement inter plat
Veal picatta marinated, eggplant millefeuille and tomatoes with mozzarella  30 €
ornement inter plat
 Sliced French fillet of beef, mashed potatoes  30 €

Selection of fresh and matured cheeses of our regions   14 €

Creamy raspberry dessert pistachio flavoured 14 €
ornement inter plat
Like a brick duplo Gianduja and black chocolate flavoured  16 €
ornement inter plat
Red fruits and lime panna cotta, almond shortbread with blueberry  13 €
ornement inter plat
Chocolate dessert, coffee mousse  14 €
ornement inter plat
Vacherin, strawberry confit, rhubarb and Sauternes wine ice-cream  14 €
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